For some folks it's a buffet. For some, it's the ice. People are quirky. And they are not only picky about their food, but where they eat and what they won't tolerate at a restaurant. We talked about it Tuesday morning. What do you absolutely AVOID at a restaurant!

food buffet in restaurant

Take a listen to what some of you said you will totally avoid at a restaurant. And a lot of these come from people who work(ed) at a restaurant so you might want to take heed.


What do you avoid at restaurants - have you even considered the ketchup?

This guy suggests you stay away from the ice. And he's got a good reason why.

She has worked in the restaurant industry for ten plus years. Stay away from the plastic cups.

You don't know who cut those lemons and who touched them. Don't put it in my drink.

Finally, we're going a little overboard. But, he still doesn't rust the buffet.

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