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Honestly, I don't understand how you're not hearing "Laurel"! How are you getting "Yanni" out of this at all. However, I asked a coworker to come in the studio, didn't preface the audio with anything, played it, and she said...YANNI! What?!?

If you thought the "what color is the dress" internet debate was crazy, wait until you hear what's next? Hear being the operative word.

Laurel Or Yanni? Take a listen, then, decide...

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And apparently, there's a perfectly good reason why we are hearing different things. Audio illusions do exist!

America's newest internet debate: Is it 'Laurel' or 'Yanny'?

Like "The Dress" debate from a few years back, this odd piece of audio has sparked some spirited exchanges online. Check out the audio, weigh in and get ready to argue with your co-workers for the rest of the week.

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