The final 2020 presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden was explosive enough on its own Thursday night (October 22), but that didn't stop pop singer Aubrey O'Day from dropping a few bombs of her own during the event.

O'Day chimed in mid-debate on Twitter, where she lamented that Trump had "lowered this debate to trashing family." She then proceeded to make a number of shocking claims about the Trump family, including that Donald Trump Jr., who she allegedly had an affair with years ago, "hates" his father.

The singer and former Danity Kane performer also alleged that Eric Trump had sex with a Miss Universe winner "on The Apprentice board room table" while he was dating his now-wife, Lara.

Most eyebrow-raising, however, was her claim that Ivanka Trump, who is married to Jared Kushner, is secretly a "lesbian on the low."

"...Ivanka is a lesbian, yet doesn't support women's rights," O'Day added, insisting that Ivanka is secretly running the Trump administration from behind the scenes.

O'Day also had some words to share about Donald and Melania Trump's teenage son, Barron Trump, who—according to alleged texts she received from Don Jr.—apparently threw a plate of food at a flight attendant during a private jet ride as he didn't like the food.

"I have texts of Don Jr. telling me what a little sh-- a--hole Barron is," O'Day tweeted.

In 2018, reports emerged that O'Day and Don Jr. had an affair after the singer's 2012 appearance on The Apprentice, on which she was a contestant. The alleged affair took place while Don Jr. was married to his ex-wife, Vanessa.

O'Day appeared to hint at her and Don Jr.'s apparent love affair numerous times in her music and in the media, and even spoke publicly about her relationship with him in 2019.

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