If you happened to visit the Renaissance Festival you may want to be checked at the doctor for Hepatitis A virus. Now its only if you went to the festival from September 1st - 2nd, so if you went other weekends you may not be affected but may still want to be checked. According to MLive.com, "Oakland County Health Division was alerted this evening (Sept. 13) that an attendee of the Michigan Renaissance Festival in Holly has a confirmed case of hepatitis A and was ill while attending the festival on September 1."

Now as long as you get checked and get vaccinated within 14 days, so this week or weekend, it should prevent anything. Also if you have been vaccinated already for this then you will be fine. But if you never have been you should still get vaccinated as this Hep A is pretty bad and Michigan is in the middle of an outbreak of Hep A. You can check the whole story here.

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