A$AP Rocky has reportedly been formally charged with assault in Sweden.

CNN reports today (July 25) that Rocky has been charged with the crime after he and his entourage punched and kicked a Swedish citizen during a brawl that broke out in the nation's capital city on June 30. Rocky and company will now remain behind bars until the start of trial which the news outlet says could be as soon as next Tuesday.

"We think it was self-defense, but the prosecutor has chosen to go with the injured party's version," Rocky's Swedish lawyer Slobodan Jovicic told the outlet, maintaining the belief in Rocky's side of the story.

While Rocky's attorney says the rapper was acting in self-defense, Swedish public prosecutor Daniel Suneson argues that the brawl—which court documents claim involved Rocky and two other men punching and kicking the man as well as hitting him with a "whole or part of a glass bottle"—still constitutes a crime.

Rocky was arrested on July 2 for fighting a Swedish man in the streets of Stockholm, Sweden with his crew. According to Rocky, the fight went down after two men followed him and his crew down the street even after the Testing rapper's security told them to stop. In a video that was posted to Rocky's Instagram account, we can see one of the two men hit a member of Rocky's team with their headphones. In another video, we see Rocky and his crew attacking one of the men after a woman claimed one of the men touched her butt.

President Donald Trump has reportedly been in talks with Sweden's Prime Minister and has even offered to post bail for Rocky, but as a legal expert in Sweden told the news outlet, bail system doesn't exist in Sweden, and the country's strict laws forbid foreign and domestic influence in court proceedings.

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