The terminator, Arnold Schwarzenegger, will be in East Lansing this weekend, not for the Michigan-Michigan State game but for other reasons. Former California governor and actor Arnold Schwarzenegger will visit East Lansing next week to encourage voters to "Terminate" Gerrymandering in Michigan. He will try and do this by holding a breakfast and rally on Saturday morning at 9:30am in East Lansing.

Schwarzenegger is holding the rally and breakfast to encourage voters in Michigan to vote yes on Prop 2. This is a prob which will give voters the right to draw voting districts in the future and is also a plan that Arnold was behind in California.  According to a spokesperson for "Voters Not Politicians", which is sponsoring yes on prop 2, says the Michigan plan is similar to the California one.

So if you are planning on tailgating or going to the Michigan State-Michigan game there will be some traffic in East Lansing on Saturday.

You can see more on the rally and how much you have to pay to be apart of the breakfast here. But just a heads up its a lot of money.

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