Ariana Grande is teaming up with Starbucks to release a drink inspired by her personal brand.

The coffee giant confirmed the news on Monday, according to Business Insider. Grande's drink will be called the Cloud Macchiato. It combines the classic Starbucks Macchiato with cold foam, described by the company as "an airy microfoam frothed colt and blended until smooth, creating layers of creamy texture and flavor, without the cream."

Grande's Cloud Macchiato will be available in two flavors: caramel and cinnamon. It can be served cold or hot, depending on your preferences. The drink will join Starbucks' menu as a permanent item in the company's effort to provide more cold beverages. In addition to the new beverage, Starbucks will introduce a playlist featuring Grande's songs, and music she's fond of, on International Women's Day.

Grande's fans were excited to learn that she was teaming up with Starbucks, if for no other reason than that they had another opportunity to support her. Some, however, couldn't help but note that perhaps the collaboration wasn't the best representation of feminism and women's issues. Twitter was flooded with different takes on the teaming.

Both the "7 Rings" singer and Starbucks shared cryptic tweets about the collaboration on Monday, tweeted out cloud emojis. Grande has been known to use the cloud emoji often, and regularly includes cloud imagery in her work. She launched a Cloud perfume in February, Business Insider noted.

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