Ariana Grande is currently on her Sweetener tour and she's got a stop at Little Caesar's Arena in Detroit this Friday 4/5. If you're planning on going to the show there are some things you need to know regarding safety before entering the venue.

Since the Manchester bombing at her show in 2017, Grande is taking extra precautions to make sure everyone is safe on her tour. With that said, you'll be limited on what you're allowed to take inside the arena. Other than the obvious things you can't have on you, this will mostly affect women who carry bags/purses.

  • Bags must be a clear, plastic vinyl or a clear Ziploc freezer bag
  • One bag per attendee (no bags inside of bags)
  • NO clutches, purses or wristlets allowed

Exceptions will be allowed for medical purposes.

Little Caesars Arena tweeted out examples of what bags can look like.

You can also purchase official 'Sweetener' merchandise like clear bags and fanny packs.

Make sure you're good to go before getting there otherwise security will send you back to your car to put your belongings back... and that's just annoying, especially after waiting in line.

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