The coincidence of Ariana Grande falling during a performance of 'Bang Bang' is almost unbelievable.  But, that's probably because we're just jaded from so many publicity stunts of this type.

Ariana Grande fell while performing 'Bang Bang' at the Air Canada Center in Toronto, and the clip will, no doubt, produce a variety of mostly inappropriate jokes.

But, if we can all get past the 12 year old versions of ourselves for a minute, I think that we can all appreciate the professionalism of acting like it never happened.

Grande landed on her knees while attempting to step up on to a raised portion of the stage.  But she kept singing as if it was all part of the show.  She later tweeted "thank u toronto!!!! tonight was such a fun show lol. y'all made me feel so much better! i love you & thank u so much," not specifically mentioning the trip she took.