Ariana Grande has fallen the way of most of her pop star peers recently: She's fighting rumors of a boob job! But unlike a lot of her contemporaries who fall silent on breast implant rumors (we're looking at you, Taylor Swift), Grande addressed the whispers head on.

So what did Grande have to say about her potentially unnatural grande-sized tatas?

It ain't true! Grande confessed that though her chest looks bigger, that doesn't mean it is ... at least not underneath all that padding.

In a new Instagram clip, she makes fun of Internet commenters and haters who have been speculating about the size of and plastic in her torso. The petite powerhouse faux-yelled, "Oh my God you guys, Ariana Grande got a boob job!" She then poked fun at those who can't even pronounce or spell her name correctly, "Ariana's Grenade got a boob job!" To drive the point home, she zoomed in on her own chest with her camera.

Then the actual reveal! She pulled the camera away from her breasts and up to her cute face once she was done giggling. She confessed, “Nope, it’s a Victoria’s Secret push-up bra. False advertisement just like the rest of America, children.”

And there you have it: Ariana Grande didn't get a boob job! Or at least not one that can't be undone with a quick snap of a back band.