While Ariana Grande has yet to confirm or deny the current "are they or aren't they" status of her PDA-filled relationship with the Wanted's Nathan Sykes, she did reply to a tweet about a gossip story that claimed she is now dating former 'Entourage' cutie Adrian Grenier, who, we might add, is 17 years her senior.

The story itself was questionable, and Grande shot it down with her simple tweet. We're guessing that having the same initials and similar names, being famous, talented and good-looking means it's time for a tabloid to invent a relationship.

Below is that class act known as Ariana Grande's tweet.

While Nariana shippers have been begging Grande and Sykes to address their status, they simply … haven't.

We did some digging and there's no clear-cut answer, but all the facts from the stories pertaining to their breakup seem shaky and not firm.

Also, some outlets have recently recycled quotes from her ex Jai Brooks, saying that it's his comment on Grande and Sykes splitting, when in actuality, those quotes were from the period when Nariana confirmed their relationship and a Twitter feud ensued, with Brooks accusing her of cheating. BTW, that was another instance where Grande handled herself with consummate grace and class.

While Grande has been in Japan and Sykes has been in Asia touring with his band, we're left wondering and hoping they are still an item. They are/were so freakin' cute together.

With all the instability in Jelena's world, we need a Nariana to make us believe in celeb love. Plus, her deets on their first date in her Cosmo cover made us melt like ice cubes on a 100-degree day.