Following an incident last week that occurred in Mt. Morris where officials say a black male in his 40s attempted to pull an 18 year old into his vehicle from the street, and other similar stories from neighboring communities, school districts and the Shiawassee County Sheriff's Department are asking families and residents to be alert.

The Swartz Creek School District sent a warning to parents this week after an incident on Cook Road in Gaines Township where a man in a burgandy four-door pickup tried to get a girl to get in the truck after she got off her bus. The girl's mother saw what was happening and chased the man off.

In the Mt. Morris incident, the suspect vehicle, described as a 2006-ish black GMC Yukon with chrome rims, a lift kit, and loud speakers, circled the block after the driver tried to verbally coerce the victim into the vehicle. The man then grabbed the victim by her arm and attempted to pull her into the vehicle, but she was able to kick him in the shin and get away.

More similar incidents, though none involving physical contact, have been reported dating back to February, according to an April letter to parents from Byron Area Schools Superintendent Tricia Murphy-Alderman. However, the incidents noted occurred in communities neighboring Byron.