As warmer weather is here, the Michigan DNR is reminding those that choose to ride off-road, that they must do so legally.

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The spring and summer seasons are the most popular for those who like to off-road on 4 wheelers, Jeeps, motorbikes, and even 4X4 side-by-sides. But the DNR is reminding users that their officers are responsible for enforcing ORV safety regulations and state laws. They're warning riders to make sure they aren't committing one of these violations as trails and ORV scramble areas open up across Michigan.

These are the top violations the DNR sees from ORV riders:

🔹 Operating ORVs at excessive speeds.
🔹 Careless or reckless riding.
🔹 No ORV license or trail permit.
🔹 Allowing an unsupervised minor to operate an ORV.
🔹 No ORV safety certificate.
🔹 Riding without a helmet.
🔹 Riding under the influence.
🔹 Riding with more people than the ORV was manufactured for.
🔹 Riding on the wrong side of a road or trail.
🔹 Trespassing or operating in a closed area.

To get an ORV license or trail permit the DNR has a website set up:

The state of Michigan also has an interactive trail map available so riders can find appropriate trails for their types of vehicles: Michigan Interactive ORV Trail Map

There are three designated types of trails, including:
🔹 Motorcycle-only trails maintained at a 24” width
🔹 ORV trails maintained at a 50” width
🔹 ORV routes maintained at a minimum 72” width or greater

Note: Some ORV routes have a restriction to 65” width or high-ground clearance. See trail maps for locations.

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