Fans are lauding late singer Amy Winehouse as "ahead of her time" — and not just for her award-winning, critically acclaimed music. Instead, fans are praising her for dissing Kanye West in a resurfaced clip from 2008.

"At least I'm not opening for a c--- like Kanye," Winehouse sang during an improvised performance of her classic song "Some Unholy War" at the famed U.K. festival 14 years ago.

The moment recently went viral on TikTok thanks to user @amberolivia1, who shared a clip of the audio and declared Winehouse as "ahead of her time" for dragging the controversial rapper.

"Amy Winehouse really said that with her whole chest," the video's caption reads. See below:

Warning: Video contains graphic language.

In the comments section, many fans agreed with the sentiment, given West's slew of controversies that have only gotten worse in 2022.

"The thing is, KANYE has always told us who he is. This is evolution," one person commented.

"Kanye has shown himself since 2005 but everyone chose to ignore his behavior until now," another wrote.

"Even after her death she keeps delivering us relative content," someone else commented.

The original clip of Winehouse was initially posted on TikTok in June 2022. It was shared by an Amy Winehouse fan account in honor of the iconic moment's anniversary.

Watch the footage of Winehouse on stage, below:

In the comments, many fans were surprised that the two artists were popular at the same time.

In 2008, West was coming off the heels of his successful album Graduation, while Winehouse's Back to Black had just catapulted her to mega-stardom in 2006.

"Why is it shocking to me that she mentioned him? I feel like she was from a different time, away from stuff like Kanye," one person noted.

"The applause she would get for that now," another pointed out.

In a comment addressing West's fans, the original poster of the video claimed, "KANYE FANS: he was honored by this. So don’t take it so personally and start crying about it in my comments, thanks!"

Sure enough, the same account posted an old news broadcast which showed West saying, "Amy Winehouse hates me! Now I've really made it!"

The account also posted a clip of West playing Winehouse's "Tears Dry on Their Own" during a 2011 concert.

Most recently, the fan account re-posted the Glastonbury video Oct. 28, amending the caption to, "Amy Winehouse (a Jewish woman) calling Kanye West a c--- at Glastonbury Festival in 2008," to reflect the controversy of West's antisemitic comments.

Winehouse passed away in 2011.

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