A lot of people hate the winter. But if you're a true Michigander, you learn to love it and/or deal with it.

My time in the mitten state has helped prepare me for living elsewhere. Even Alaska. I mean yeah it was definitely colder but still. I lived in Gaylord for 3 years and that's what a lot of folks consider the snowbelt.

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Michigan comes ALIVE in the winter time. And one of the places that you simply must go and visit is the U.P. Not just in winter but whenever you can. It's God's country up there. Be nice and respectful. They're on the lookout for us trolls behaving badly.

The U.P. gets an extra special helping of God's beauty and grace in the winter. The Northern Lights already brighten the night sky.

Earlier this week I talked about the return of The Blue Ice in the Straits of Mackinac.

But if you want to see these gigantic chunks of blue ice, you might want to head north and catch them now while they are in the Straits of Mackinac.

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Northern Lights, Blue Ice, and now the trifecta. How about ice skating at the Lower Harbor Ore Dock in Marquette?

I had to find video of what this thing looks like without the snow and ice just so you can see the amazing transformation.

So first...this.

Now, let Mother Nature work her magic and you have this.

Take a look at these amazing photos and you might want to make a trip across the Mighty Mack to go ice skating with your family.

Beautiful & Pure Michigan.

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