Think being a Michigander means you know anything and everything about the Great Lakes? Think again!

Get ready to stump your friends and impress your significant other (if you guys are nerdy like me) with these crazy facts about the 5 Great Lakes you probably never learned in school.

9,000 year old structures used by prehistoric people to herd animals exist below Lake Huron.

There are giant sinkholes in Lake Huron that replicate oceans on Earth 3 million years ago.

Lake Michigan is the 6th largest freshwater lake in the world.

A ghost town exists on Lake Michigan shoreline. Singapore, Michigan was buried under sand in 1871 and was never rebuilt.

Just like the Bermuda Triangle, there have been UFO sightings and strange happenings in a triangular shape portion of Lake Michigan.

Babe Ruth hit his first home run in Toronto with the ball  landing in Lake Ontario.

If you add up the shorelines of all the Great Lakes, it almost equals about 44% of the circumference of the Earth!

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