It never fails, whenever I live in a town I somehow miss all of the wonderful little hidden gems in the town.  How I have lived here for 6 years and never eaten at Clara's Lansing Station is BEYOND me!  I have passed it probably a million times and knew there was a train there, but never realized it was a beautiful and delicious restaurant... that is until today when I was so graciously taken to lunch there!

First of all, as soon as you walk in, you are taken away by the view, it's just like an old-timey train station, and yes there is even a train car attached that you can eat in as well!  It's so cool just to sit and look around!  I think it took me 10 minutes to even look at the menu because I just wanted to take in all the sites of the restaurant.

The menu however was pretty awesome!  One day when I don't have to go back to work I want to try their ice-cream drinks... the two that stuck out where the Nutty Buddy and Banana Nut Bread... OMG, can we say HEAVEN!?!?!  I did order the Spinach and crab quesadilla, and I am really weird about mixing sea food into my mexican dishes, but I think I died and went to heaven when I had the first bite of this quesadilla... It was the best thing I've ever tasted...

Needless to say if you live in Lansing and you've never been, I highly recommend it... and please if there are places that I need to go in town that I haven't been to, share with me!!!  It doesn't just have to be food!  I'm going to make a point this year to start exploring this wonderful town that I call home more often!