WARNING: Under no circumstances should you enter this property. By doing so you risk bodily harm and/or prosecution for trespassing on private property.

Driving up or down US-127 in the 1980s, you may have seen a sign that read “ALICE'S WONDERLAND” near Alma. Did your curiosity ever cause you to get off the exit and see what it was? It was a waterpark with bumper boats, water slides, roller skating, snack bar, go-karts, and mini golf.

From the highway, a huge waterslide angled down the hill in plain view and it was very easy to see. Now, since it closed in the 80s, the bushes, weeds, grass, and trees have all but covered the park up.

Alice's Wonderland, located at 3130 W. Monroe Road in Alma, was named after co-owner Alice Pung, who, along with her husband Mike, opened the park in 1985. According to an interview with Alice, she was quoted “There just wasn’t anywhere in the area where everyone could go and have a good time. The fact that we’re located right off the highway and have easy on and off access had a lot to do with building the park". She's right. There were hardly any nearby places where one could go swimming.

One of the attractions at the park was the 'Tarzan Plunge', a bar attached to a wire that's wings down and drops you into the water.

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The Pungs had plans to expand, including ball diamonds, batting cages, BMX track, campgrounds, dry super slide, kids waterslide, motel, restaurant with lounge & live entertainment, tractor pull pit, and a water speed slide. But alas – that wasn't to be.

After being open for approximately two years, Alice's Wonderland closed down in 1987. Why? For lack of a better reason, rumors began to fly that it closed after a girl hit her head on one of the slide walls and died...the place was vacated the next day. You can see more information about that on nailhed. The owners deny this rumor and we've been unable to find any information supporting this claim. People have also commented saying a girl was bitten by a water snake.

Are one of those explanations true or was the closing due to costs?

The park still sits next to US-127, deteriorating. The roof to the main building is so weatherworn, it looks like peeling snakeskin. The slides are covered in bushes. The bumper boat pool is filled with stagnant water. Occasionally, interest peaks in the hopes that the land can be renovated and some other type of public fun place can arise.

Only time will tell.

Take a look at the gallery below to see some great pictures inside the park and drone photos!

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