Last week this reporter brought you breaking news of a summertime ban on alcohol on CERTAIN STRETCHES of SELECTED RIVERS in Michigan - namely, sections of the AuSable, Manistee and Pine rivers. (Seriously, it's really just a fraction of each river)

Michiganders are not happy. Specifically, Michiganders with large coolers full of beer. according to ClickOnDetroit, a petition has already racked up almost 35,000 signatures to get the ban dropped. At this time, the ban has not been dropped.

People signing the petition say the ban will affect businesses in the area. But mostly, they don't want to give up a cold one on the water, in the middle of a beautiful Michigan summer day. A line from the petition: "We want to be free Americans and have fun with our friends and family on the river! This aggression will not stand man!"

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