We have no doubt this was done with the very best of intentions but a vintage grenade donated to the AirZoo museum in Portage turned into a fiasco causing the closure of a portion of the facility and a visit from the bomb squad.

The Portage Department of Public Safety reports they were called to the AirZoo, just south of the Kalamazoo Airport on Portage Road just after 10am today (August 17) after staff reported receiving a donation of a vintage hand grenade.

Here's what they reported on Facebook:

A large wing of the facility was secured for safety and the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety bomb squad responded to assess the item. The item was moved to another location for destruction in case it was still live and the facility returned to normal operation about noon.

No joke that a potential live grenade is nothing to mess with. This news report shows the difference between a live grenade and one that isn't active, you know, if you ever find yourself in the position of asking yourself, "hmm, do I have a live grenade?"

You can also see what's inside a classic 'pineapple grenade.'

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