I feel as though Lansing gets a lot of hate, and that there is "nothing to do" here. While, I can't entirely disagree with you, as I could understand it, I feel as though you have to know where to go to find some fun!

People never seem to believe me when I say that there are things to do here, but you have to ask the locals what's up. Just a quick Google search may not find you all the best spots to check out.

Day-to-Day Life In Michigan According To AI

Honestly, AI did a great, and somewhat funny depiction on the average day-to-day life we live out here in the capital city of Michigan.

Take a look at what AI thinks the average person in Lansing is experiencing.

Morning Rush Hour:

Ahhh, traffic. It's what invades the capital city.

Aleksandra Glustsenko

AI depicted the average commuter braves the chilly mornings, on the crowded highways, attempting to beat the traffic jams and construction cones. All the while, still enjoying the view of the sun casting long shadows over the buildings.

Coffee Shop Vibes

Oh come on, you know what AI is talking about.

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

It's very rare to not see anyone in the building with a hot cup of something in their hands from some coffee shop. Whether it be Biggby, or another local shop, AI depicts locals gathering to places like Strange Matter Coffee and Blue Owl coffee before their days stars. Sipping coffee, and talking with friends before their day begins.

Afternoon Strolls

There are tons of trails here in Lansing, and there's always one person walking them.

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McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

AI depicts Lansing residents as riding bikes and strolling down the Grand River. The cyclists make their way over to Old Town and Reo Town to end their stroll.

Evening Entertainment

Believe it or not, Lansing does have a night life.

Photos Grey Entertainment Photography
Photos Grey Entertainment Photography

Places such as The Loft and Mac's Bar offer live performances, trivia night and so much more. Can we also talk about the amazing restaurants.

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