If you were thinking that you wanted a pet, and then the coronavirus pandemic put an end to that for awhile, Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter may have an answer for you.

This from a press release issued by ICAC:

With state closures for Covid-19 safety precautions, Ingham County Animal Shelter is still helping pets in need. Animals are still coming in to the shelter, and with the help of pet foster parents, they don’t have to stay long. Foster parents have been stepping up around the Ingham County area taking in shelter pets from Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter and using their own networking resources to find forever homes. “Meet and Greets” done by video chat, and lengthy descriptions of pets behaviors have been essential in matching pets to homes.

Adoptions are being done by appointment through shielding glass to make sure both staff and adopters have protected space to do adoption documentation, and they are doing digital adoptions as possible. Between March 29th and April 4th, there were 22 pet adoptions completed this way. With over 100 pets currently in foster care, ICACS is hoping to be able to continue connecting pets with their forever homes.

At this time, adoptable animals are not being housed at the shelter. Please view the adoptable animals on the shelters website at ac.ingham.org, and send an adoption inquiry through the adoptable pet’s platform. The pet’s caretaker will respond with more information about the pet, and ways to go forward with the adoption or transfer of foster care.

Get more information here from the Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter website.

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