There are so many cool places in Michigan that have been abandoned over the years. Detroit Belle Isle was a place I went to when the zoo was actually open as a kid but now is basically a graveyard of cool ruins and graffiti. But there’s one place I just discovered that’s a must-see, the Prehistoric Forest Amusement Park in the resort area of Southern Michigan known as the Irish Hills south of Jackson.

The theme for the park is a prehistoric forest that contains all sorts of caves, cavemen and dinosaur sculptures. The roadside attraction that opened near Onsted in Irish Hills in 1963 was a mainstay until it was closed down in 2002.

After interstates that rerouted traffic between major cities became more abundant, the attraction was doomed, as there is still structural damage with the weather affecting their stability.

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Below is a gallery and a video from the YouTube channel Free4All where you can see the shape it is in as of a few years ago. It's unfortunate the park went the way of the dinosaurs, in terms of business.

Editor's Note: Respect property rights, trespass notices and enjoy these sites from the public roads and easements.

Michigan's Abandoned Prehistoric Forest

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