34 is too young of an age to die. 34 for and leaving behind and 11 month old son is an even more tragic tale. This is the story of Aaron Carter. He has played a few Michigan venues since debuting in 1997. The last time he was in Lansing came back in 2013. He had some success, but never quite on the level of his big brother.

For Aaron Carter, the struggle was real. It seems that child stars and professional wrestlers seem to walk similar paths. Drug use and early deaths. You get the fame, but it comes and goes quickly and are probably left feeling lost. The fame doesn't last forever and the pay checks get smaller and smaller. You start taking smaller gigs for lack of not knowing what else to do and become a punchline.

Child stars burn bright, but few are able to keep their audiences. Just Bieber is one of those exceptions. Aaron has done a lot outside of his music career. He has acted, been on Dancing With The Stars, had a reality show with his siblings. The latter did little more than highlight his mental and drug issues.

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The younger Carter has had several drug related arrests and career stalls. Carter filed bankruptcy and lost custody of his son. He became more known for his personal life than his professional. He has been open about his sexuality, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder diagnosis. He received outcries of support for both. So what kind of life did Aaron Carter have? He was always in the shadow of his older brother. His family has been fractured for years. I can't speak to how he felt, but I imagine he was very unhappy.  He was found in the bathtub of his California home. No cause of death beyond drowning has been released. 34 is too young to die.

You might not be Aaron Carter, but you or someone you know might have similar issues. Get help for them or yourself. Michigan offers resources for people to find the help they need. You don't have to do it alone.


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