Have you ever been relaxing on your couch when a sudden and delicious thought comes to mind..."God, I could really go for, just like, the BIGGEST bowl of rocky road ice cream right now!"...but you have none on hand. On top of that, you don't want to leave the comfiness of your couch and it's cold outside and you already have your comfy pants on, the list is endless. But gosh darnnit! You REALLY need some rocky road ice cream! All you would have to do is text this new delivery service, called Magic.

According to BuzzFeed, if it's legal, possible, and you've got the money (or Bitcoin)...they can get it for you. It's pretty simple; you text 'Magic' to the Magic service, you tell the operator what you'd like, and a Magic employee finds a way to get you what you need.

Even though Magic is just a few days old, they've received an overwhelming response! On the 23rd, it was reported that they had already gotten over 17,000 text messages. With it's popularity growing so quickly, it went viral. If you were to text the number now, you'd probably be number 13,749 in a cue of over 14,000 people.

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