Kickstarter has done it again! And by "it", I mean blown my mind!

I came across an article on Yahoo today that talked about this new phone case, called Prynt, getting it's start on Kickstarter. And what's really cool about it is that the case can print tangible photos of the picture you just took; all you have to do is attach it to your phone, take the pic, and VOILA! In about 30 seconds you have a physical photo to cherish forever. But wait...did I mention the coolest part?!? THE PICTURES MOVE LIKE IN THE HARRY POTTER MOVIES!!!

*takes deep breath to calm down*

All you have to do to see the GIF like movements is to look at the printed picture through the camera and screen of your smart phone. Prynt says they added this cool little feature (augmented reality) because they were directly inspired by the movements of the paintings in the Harry Potter movie franchise. Super cool right?

Prynt just started their Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday and have already raised more than 4X their original goal of $50,000. For your chance to donate or just check out this cool new device, just click HERE!