Prepare for a little bit of a nerd out here.

The new Dr. Strange movie (starring Benedict Cumberbatch) is called Dr. Strange In The Multiverse of Madness.

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The good news we just found out. They will be wrapping principal filming on April 23 of this year after MULTIPLE shutdowns and setbacks.

Sadly, we will be waiting until NEXT YEAR for it to get to us. The release date is March 25th of 2022.

For those of you that are Wandavision fans, SPOILER ALERT! The end of Wandavision will lead directly into the Dr. Strange sequel.

This rumor has been circulating for a bit now in the MCU and in addition to the post from Heroic Hollywood on Instagram we've also got this...

Also this...cause it's funny.

Also according to IMDB Elizabeth Olsen (Wanda/Scarlet Witch) is listed as part of the cast along with Cumberbatch, Rachel McAdams, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and others from the original movie.

Also listed (and here comes the Michigan connection) is Director Sam Raimi.

The World Premiere of Disney's "THE JUNGLE BOOK"
Getty Images for Disney

Straight out of Royal Oak, Michigan. This ain't his first dance with superhero movies either.

Sam was behind the camera for the first three Spiderman movies starring Toby McGuire and they didn't do too bad at the box office.

  • Spider-Man total: $821,708,551

  • Spider-Man 2 total: $783,766,341

  • Spider-Man 3 total: $890,871,626

Sam Raimi Spider-Man trilogy total: $2,496,346,518 (donttellharry)

And you could really go down the rabbit hole here because of Spiderman and Dr. Strange in the current Marvel movies.

Then there's Sam Raimi and his buddy Bruce Campbell.

STARZ' Ash vs Evil Dead At New York Comic Con
Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

And a long time ago they both pretty much made their mark in a little iconic film called Evil Dead which spiraled into a trilogy.

And once Sam Raimi got his shot to direct Spiderman, guess who made it on screen?

Actually a couple of times.

Also Raimi is known for his quick cuts and affinity for chainsaws like in Evil Dead 2.

And how that love of chainsaws and a nod to his earlier movies made it into Spiderman.

And remember earlier when I told you they were going to wrap filming for Dr. Strange in April? They are filming in London. And guess who just happens to be there?

Bruce Campbell is in London, which could mean he's in Sam Raimi's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. When Raimi was confirmed as director, Campbell seemingly expressed interest in joining Doctor Strange 2 on social media. Campbell and Raimi have frequently collaborated on projects, from the Evil Dead franchise to the various cameos Campbell put in for Raimi's Spider-Man movies. (Screenrant)

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