The 1990s: The glorious era of Doc Martens, grunge, and Magic Eye posters. Those days, sadly, are long gone. (Speaking of which: Does anyone want to buy 1400 Beanie Babies? They’re near mint condition!) But the dream of the ’90s lives on at the movies, where countless blockbusters from the era have gotten sequels or remakes.

Most of these movies make sense; Space Jam was a hit 25 years ago, so why wouldn’t it be a hit now? Tastes haven’t change that much, right? (Sure enough, Space Jam: A New Legacy dunked on the competition at the box office when it opened in theaters.) Then there are other ’90s remakes that are a bit more confusing. They might be remakes of movies that weren’t all that popular in the first place, or remakes of films that were mostly famous because of an appearance by a particular actor or actress — who naturally didn’t show up for the remake, rendering it pointless.

To those head-scratching titles, we humbly dedicate the following list of baffling remakes of ’90s favorites. How did these get made? We will never know. That doesn’t seem to have stopped us from watching all of them anyway. (Now seriously: Who wants the Beanie Babies? Priced to move, baby! Serious offers only.)

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