If you go by the calendar, the 1990s weren’t that long ago. Nostalgia for the period runs deep and strong through a lot of modern pop culture. People born at the tail end of the decade just started drinking legally. It doesn’t feel like a bygone era

If you go by the movies of the ’90s though, that decade took place approximately 800 million years ago. Many of the films of that time — including some of its biggest box-office hits, and even a couple of Best Picture winners at the Academy Awards — have held up about as well as unrefrigerated milk. Some will leave about as bad a taste in your mouth if you sample them now.

For proof, consider the ten films on the list below. Despite their success and awards in the ’90s, none of them would fly in the 2020s. While some of these titles maintain loyal fanbases, they could never be made today.

90s Movies That Could Never Be Made Today

These movies include some of the biggest of the decade — a few even won Academy Awards. But all of them would have trouble getting made today.
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80s Movies That Could Never Be Made Today

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