When you say you say you're from Michigan, it seems that people tend to think, "Oh, you must be from Detroit".

No, Detroit does not take up the entirety of the state of Michigan...there are other cities, you know.

But instead of throwing those unknowing people under the bus for not realizing there's more to Michigan than Detroit (and our questionable devotion to the Lions), we can take this opportunity to educate them instead!

For instance, have you heard of Grand Ledge, Michigan?

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Grand Ledge, Michigan, the city that sits on Michigan's longest river that's lined by "300-million-year-old sandstone ledges" (from the Pure Michigan website). But just about anyone with a computer and some time to do a quick Google search for "Grand Ledge, MI" can tell you that.

However, there are some things that only people from Grand Ledge, Michigan can tell you about Grand Ledge--duh! So that's why we reached out and asked the experts; Grand Ledgers.

We reached out and asked the people of Grand Ledge: "What's something that EVERYONE from Grand Ledge knows?" I got a lot of responses (a few about food which I'm really excited about), so thank you for your help, Grand Ledge residents! To see the answers people gave, and learn some things that only people from Grand Ledge know, check out the gallery below. Take a look through, and if there's anything you think we should add to the list, let us know by sending us a message with the station app.

8 Things Only People From Grand Ledge, Michigan Know

You can't learn everything from the internet. Sometimes you have to go straight to the source. So that's what we did! We reached out to residents of Grand Ledge to learn what's unique about it, what they like the best, and what they think you should know as an outsider. We found out that Grand Ledge is serving up some delicious dinner, drinks, and dessert. Plus, they have some awesome sights to take in. Go through the gallery below, and learn more about 8 things that only people from Grand Ledge, Michigan know.

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