Michigan has the most "Jekyll & Hyde" weather in the continental United States.

How so? Winter temperatures with snow and sleet.....then, a couple of days later, it's summer weather! Well, at least for a couple of days we'll have 'Dr. Jekyll' - then it's back to 'Mr. Hyde' by the weekend.

Thursday's forecast shows rain, thunderstorms and partly sunny weather with temperatures reaching the low 60's.

THEN, on Friday, chance of showers, but the temps will be holding in the low-to-mid 60's (so, even though the temperatures will be warmer, the precipitation may ruin it).

By the weekend, the temps will fall to the 50's and then the 40's by Sunday with a chance of even MORE snow Sunday night and Monday.

Yippee skippy.

So, when those 60's temperatures briefly arrive, we'll have some respite before we once again have to go through Mother Nature's fickleness...

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Getty Images

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