I've lived here now for about a year and half and I think I know just about everything that makes Michigan special and unlike any other place in the US.

  1.  Michigan Lefts - THIS! This was the biggest thing that tripped me up for a month or so, but once you get used to seeing these you get used to it. I actually don't mind these as much as traffic circles.
  2. Party Stores - For about a week I wonder what these were and then when I walked in all I found out was that it was a liquor store and not a place to get streamers, balloons, or other things for a party.
  3. Being A Yooper / Calling Someone a Troll - Calling someone a Yooper or someone from the UP is constantly mentioned but calling someone a troll isn't really mentioned much. A troll is basically someone not living in the UP and being under the bridge, so a troll.......get it.
  4. Different food tastes - I heard of a Pączki before, as they are big on the east coast too, but didn't know that there is a week long celebration for these doughnuts. Just plan on not eating anything when Paczki come out cause you will eat them at every meal.  Also pasties which look like pastries but has potatoes, meat, vegatables, and can be eaten cold or hot.
  5. Pronouncing Difficult Town Names - Sault Ste. Marie, Charlevoix, Mackinac, Dowagiac, Ontonagon, Ypsilanti.....these are just a few cities that have really cool names but someone not from Michigan would mispronounce these 9 times out of 10.

Am I missing any? I'm pretty sure I am, so find me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to tell me what I missed.

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