The World's Largest Sale is this Saturday at the Summit in Diamondale. There are going to be great deals on anything you think of and tons of great finds that may make you some money in the end. Here are some of the great finds the people have gotten from yard sales over the years.

1. Andy Warhol / Famous Paintings - A UK man went to a Vegas yard sale in 2010 and bought a painting for $5 but behind the painting was a sketch from a 10 year old Any Warhol. After the painting was confirmed real, he sold the sketch for $5 million. That's a pretty good Return on investment.

2. Classic / Rare Video Games - Gamer Rob Walters bought a box of Nintendo (NES) games at a garage sale for $50. Inside the box was a one of kind game thought to be destroyed. The box sold for over $50,000 and the rare game sold for more than $20K. 

3. What's Left In A Demin Jacket - This might sound weird but its more about what was left in the jacket, as a California woman sold her old demin jacket at a yard sale for $20 forgetting she had tucked an $18,000 pair of earrings inside a pocket. She’s holding out hope, after similar accidental garage sale deal in California ended with the return of a woman’s $23,000 wedding ring. So make sure to check pockets of anything you are selling or buying.

4. An Art Purchase Shocker. Teri Horton, a truck driver, bought a painting for only $5 that she claimed was “ugly.” Hortan had intentions of throwing darts at the painting for fun. The painting turned out to be by famed abstract painter Jackson Pollock. Horton’s response to finding out  the artist was “Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock?” She is now on a quest to sell the painting for $50 million dollars. She has been offered as high as $9 million, so I guess the painting isn't ugly then?

5. The Declaration of Independence (Twice!). In 1989, a man bought a picture frame with a hidden surprise.....the Declaration of Independence.  The man’s $4 investment turned into over $2 million. Again, in 2006, a Nashville man paid less than $2.50 for what appeared to be a copy of The Declaration of Independence. But this was no ordinary copy as it was one of several that were commissioned by John Q. Adams. The copy was sold at auction for over $475,000! So basically if you see a copy of the Declaration of Independence this weekend, BUY IT!

Remember the World's Largest Yard Sale is this weekend, tickets still on sale for $3 or VIP for $10. Get all the details