On Friday, Humane Michigan posted on their Facebook page that they were able to help rescue 34 dogs that were in shelters in Louisiana, in the path of Hurricane Laura.

The dogs were rescued with the help of Wings of Rescue and GreaterGood.org and brought to Michigan as the storm made landfall Friday afternoon.

These are dogs that were already in shelters waiting for their forever homes, not dogs that were lost or left behind because of the storm. But they are now in shelters across the state and being given time to "decompress" from the stress of quickly being put on a plane and flown plenty of miles outside of the path of the hurricane.

According to Fox 17, later this week and early next week, Michigan Humane will start assessing the health of the dogs rescued and then once they pass health checks, will be looking for loving families in Michigan.

According to Fox 17, Matthew Pepper, the President, and CEO of Michigan Humane said because of their resources available the took larger dogs and dogs with health problems,

“Because of our ability to provide medical and behavioral care, we took up some larger breed dogs, some medical issues, heartworm, things that we knew we could address and find homes for ultimately.”

Fox 17 says Michigan Humane has been helping rescue dogs from hurricane-prone areas since Hurricane Katrina in 2005. They also say they'll be posting pictures of the dogs from Lousiana in the next couple weeks on their Facebook page, so if you're interested, you need to start following them stat!

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