An 11:30pm news conference by New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio regarding an explosion that occured on W. 23rd Street earlier in the evening has wrapped, and the following points were made:
  • Explosion at 8:30pm
  • 29 injured, one may be severe
  • No specific connection to terrorism, but it was an intentional act
  • No confirmation of the specific cause
  • Second situation on nearby 27th Street remains under investigation
  • Police continue to fan out to search for other explosives
  • Video exists of the explosion, authorities are reviewing and searching for additional video
  • Large area of downtown NYC closed to traffic
  • No obvious connection to explosion that occurred in Seaside Heights New Jersey this morning
This morning, a race to benefit the families of service personnel in Seaside Heights New Jersey was delayed by long registration lines.  It was good fortune, as at around 9:30am, a pipe bomb exploded along the route.  There were no injuries reported.
Anyone with information is asked to call 1-800-577-TIPS.
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