The schedules of the big 4 networks (ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS) have all be released as of wednesday this week. Alot of shows are premiering that are either reboots of former shows (24 Legacy on Fox or Mcgyver on CBS) but also shows that come from movies (Lethal Weapon & Exorcist on Fox)

You can check out the full schedule grid here and below check out some of my choices for shows next season.

My #1 Choice next season is from FOX and its a comedy live action/animated show called "Son of Zorn"


Next from ABC Keifer Sutherland stars in "Designated Survivor" its a drama/action show with a trailer that will give you goosbumps.


3rd is a Drama from NBC which follows people who have the same birthday, but its so much more than that. "This Is Us" is the show and you might have a tear after watching this trailers


Finally another show from FOX this time the show that will be Super Bowl lead out show and is a reboot of the popular 2000s show "24" its called "24 Legacy" And Im super excited about it.