Her name is Rachel Canning, she's 18, and she's suing her parents for outstanding private high school tuition, living expenses, transportation expenses and college tuition.

She says they kicked her out on the day she turned 18 and that life at home was abusive and unhealthy, and now they refuse to pay her private Catholic school tuition bill and have "reallocated" her college fund.

Her parents say they did not kick her out, but rather, she chose to leave rather than follow their rules involving curfew, chores and her boyfriend, of whom they were not approving.

Her parents say that she is welcome back home and that they've tried to get her to come home.  They also say that the college fund has not been reallocated.  But they have, so
far, not settled a $5,000 tuition debt with the high school.

Rachel Canning is said to be living with a friend since her 18th birthday in October last year, and that her friend's father, a lawyer, is paying her legal fees, but also wants to be recouped of those legal fees by her parents.  That amount totals $13,000.

On Tuesday, a judge ruled that the parents do not have to pay her high school tuition, living or transportation expenses, but will wait until April 22nd to decide whether the parents should be forced to pay for her college education.

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