A quick summary of the story that's got me "hot under the collar" already on a Monday morning:

For decades, families have lived in cabins in the Upper Peninsula -- extremely remote homesteads, most without power.  Ironic, since the land was leased to them by a power company.

The story, presented by the Detroit Free Press, tells that when the power company decided it didn't need the land anymore, it sold the land to the Federal Government, but not before it gave all the families 25 year nonrenewable leases, so they had a lot of time to prepare for ultimately being forced from their homes.  The government honored the leases but said that when the 25 years was up, those one hundred fifty five families had to go.

Well, that 25 years ended this year.  And while you can say that these families had a the best of a bad situation, at the end of the day, it's still a bad situation.

I think it's shameful to make these families move and you might agree once you read the whole Freepin' story.

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