There is an expense that comes with child care. Several expenses actually. The average cost of childcare in Lansing is between $730-$1083 per month for full time care. I suppose when you are on a budget, you try to find a discount for some of those expenses. Money only goes so far and I would not tell anyone how to spend theirs. That being said, if you're someone who will spend $1,400 on a DIAPER BAG , you should really take better care of it.

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The Memphis Police are looking for a thief who broke into a car last month and took a bunch of stuff, including several credit cards, a ring valued at $500, . . . and a $1400 Gucci diaper bag! Does one really need a $1400 diaper bag? I guess some do.

Their vehicle was parked in a driveway. It's unclear if it was a random theft, or if it was targeted. Police think it might be targeted. They have a blurry image of a suspect and they probably knew what they got. If it had the Gucci logo, it is obviously normal diaper bag. They clearly got a good haul because they came back three days later and tried to break into the same vehicle again, but this time they weren't successful.

No arrest have been made. If you are wondering what the actual bag looks like, here is a link to a similar type of bag. Would you spend $1400 on a diaper bag? Purses and handbags certainly make a statement. Dare we ask, "What is the most expensive hand bag you own?"

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