Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the state of Michigan has reported nearly 60,000 cases of COVID-19 and nearly 5,700 deaths.

According to MLive, state health officials reported 108 new confirmed cases of coronavirus on Tuesday, June 9, which marks the fewest in a 24-hour period to date. Michigan also added 25 new COVID-19 deaths.

Those numbers aren't great by no means but they're a hell of a lot better than what we were reporting two months ago. Back in April, we told you how there were over 3,000 new cases in a span of just a few days. So yeah, 108 new cases is a much better scenario.

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MLive offers a look at Michigan Counties with the most cases of COVID-19:

1. Wayne County: 20,828 cases (2,532 deaths)
2. Oakland County: 8,495 cases (1015 deaths)
3. Macomb County: 6,836 cases (835 deaths)
4. Kent County: 3,966 cases (106 deaths)
5. Genesee County: 2,068 cases (256 deaths)
6. Washtenaw County: 1,353 cases (101 deaths)
7. Saginaw County: 1,108 cases (112 deaths)
8. Kalamazoo County: 878 cases (60 deaths)
9. Ottawa County: 824 cases (43 deaths)
10. Ingham County: 769 cases (28 deaths)

It'll be interesting to see if the numbers make a significant jump in the next couple of weeks as the state opens back up.

This week restaurants and bars opened their doors to Michiganders while enforcing social distancing rules and capacity limits.

Next week we'll see hair and nail salons, barber shops, tattoo studios, and massage services throughout the state opening their doors again.

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