Just in case you're interested in keeping tabs, this year 97.5 NOW FM celebrates ten years of playing Lansing's Hit Music!

That's ten solid years of the best pop, rock and rhythm songs on one station in Michigan's Capital City!

On September 5th 2005, after three grueling days without any sort of contemporary music product in the city following another station's format change, 97.5 committed to "Top 40" and has stayed true ever since.

Staying power!

Ten years of Lansing's Hit Music and Josh Strickland has been waking mid-Michiganders up on 97.5 NOW FM for the better part of eight years!  That's right, Josh Strickland has been on the air at 97.5 NOW FM since February 2007!

There are only TWO longer-running morning shows in Lansing (and they're both down the hall from Josh Strickland).

Oh, and, Josh Strickland hits the air at 5:25 each weekday morning -- that makes Josh Strickland in the Morning the first local morning show on the air each weekday!

All this to say two things; first, thank you for being committed to us just like we are to you, and to getting you the latest hits first, and second, you have great taste!

Rest assured, the anniversary celebration plans are in the works!

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