I'm going to admit it: I'm not from Michigan. I'm from the east coast, so it was quite a difference to move to the Midwest. Now that I have lived here for more than 5 years, new people that move to Michigan often ask "What are some things that only Michigan does?" or "What are some differences between Michigan and anywhere else?" I'm glad you asked cause there are some things that newcomers to the area should know about Michigan and about Michiganders.

  • It's Pop! Not Soda, Pop. If you say soda people will look at you funny but they know what you mean. Some might correct you though too.
  • Michiganders will use their hand to say where they are from. It's the mitten state so it's easy. No other state can say that.
  • Coney Dogs weren't invented on Coney Island in New York. Coney dogs are from Michigan, there is a Coney Island, New York but the delicious dog wasn't invented there.
  • Yoopers aren't from a different state. No, Yoopers are just people from the Upper Peninsula in Michigan
  • Michiganders are big sports fans. No matter how good or bad the teams are (and most are bad right now), Michiganders will still show their pride and wear their Red Wings, Tigers, Lions, and Pistons gear.
    • Also if you are big into hockey, like I am, it will be nice when you move here and realize you can play hockey most of the year in Michigan and most people are big hockey fans (Detroit is Hockeytown after all)
  • Some Michiganders use Vernor's to cure any sickness or any problem they might have.
  • The Middle Turn lane is everywhere in Michigan. Ok it's not everywhere but most roads in Michigan have the middle turn lane, so know how to use it.
  • You can Turn on Red. This rule is not known by many that first move here because in a lot of states, especially on the east coast, you aren't allowed to turn on a red light even if there is no traffic.
  • Everyone in Michigan hates Ohio. You might not know the history behind this, but you might know this because of the fierce U of M - Ohio State rivalry, so to be safe just dislike anything from Ohio when you move here.
  • Michigan beaches don't have salt water. I know this might be obvious to all Michiganders, but when you first move here and go to the beach, you assume the water in the Great Lakes is going to be salty, but it's the opposite and it's glorious.
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