Well this is just too sweet, warm, and cuddly to NOT share.

A family's 3 year old dog, Cooper, saved the day this past week when the family's 3 year old little boy wandered off and wasn't found until HOURS later. Rescuers found the dog and little boy huddled up about a mile from home. The boy was unharmed, due to the fact that Cooper never left his side and kept the little boy warm using his fur until help arrived. FOR 7 HOURS. Awwww, what a great dog that little Cooper is!!!

Admittedly, I'm not a HUGE dog person. I'm not really a huge animal person at all, really. But after reading this story, I want a dog just like to Cooper to protect my children if anything like this ever happened. And to scratch the top of his cute, widdle doggy head.

Do you have any "super pet" stories?? Share them below!!