Everyday I will be giving you a chance to pick some of the music that we play here at 97.5, awesome right? Today we will kick off our first ever Artist of the Day competition.

Credit: Jason LaVeris (Getty Images)

We take two of your favorite artists and make them battle for your votes. The more you vote for your favorite artist, the more likely it will be that music from your favorite artist will be played every hour until midnight. The winner will move on and take on another one of your favorite artists the next day.

Wait, WHAT?! You heard me! The winner of our Artist of the Day competition will be played at the top of the hour for the rest of the night. The voting closes at 6pm and the winner will be revealed right after!

So how do you vote? You can vote right here at the website, or call me on the request line.

Vote on our Facebook page and use our hashtag #AoftheDay (Ex:Fergie #AoftheDay)

Or Tweet your votes in to me @seanv975 with the same hashtag.