Lansing's Capital City River Run is a cool local event (coming up this September) involving a marathon, marathon relay, half marathon, 5K, and a kids race. According to the Lansing State Journal, this hometown event drew about 3,500 people last year; but this year, they want this event to be HUGE!

The LSJ article goes on to say that the Capital City River Run has teamed up with Fifth Third River Bank Run to make this event a bigger draw. The Fifth Third River Bank Run is the BIGGEST 25K in the nation, based in nearby Grand Rapids, and it usually gets about 20,000 attendees and adds over $2 million to the local economy. That's what Capital City River Run races director Michelle Phillipich is hoping to do with this event here in Lansing.

If you are a walker/jogger/runner, this is a great opportunity for you to continue your fun and training by doing the Capital City River Run. Plus, if you run both the Fifth Third River Bank Run in May AND the Capital City River Run, you get a cool dual participation shirt that says, "I Ran the Grand", which is pretty darn cool in my opinion. If you are interest in running the Capital City River Run in mid September, you can find all the sign up information that you need HERE!