In case you thought that you missed the tax day deadline on Friday, you'll be relieved to read that this year, Monday (today) is "Tax Day."  That's right, you've still got until midnight to get that paperwork filed.

Regardless of whether you're rushing around today to get things handled or you took care of business on January 30th, there are dozens of places that are offering Tax Day Deals -- some, even Tax Day Freebies!

Matt Granite has compiled a list for WZZM-TV, some of which is conveniently located here:

Arby's - Get two Gyros for $6 

Bob Evans - 30% off your entire order

McDonald's - Deals vary by location, but many are offering BOGO Big Macs, the second for only 18 cents

Office Depot / Office Max: Free paper shredding (requires coupon)

Outback Steakhouse - 15% off entire order (requires coupon)

Sonic - Half price single cheeseburgers

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