The Shiawassee Street School was built following the burning of the old Corunna High School in the early 1900s and was finally, completely vacated of students last year.  Questions floated about the building's future.

Friends of the Shiawassee Street School rejoice!

On Monday night, the Corunna Board of Education approved a purchase agreement on the historic Shiawassee Street School with WODA Group.  WODA plans to turn the historic property into housing, much like they did in Durand with the former Arthur Lucas Junior High.  The Sycamore House Project transformed the century-old junior and senior high school into a beautiful, new 40-unit senior housing facility.  WODA Group will be undergoing a similar project in Owosso with the Lincoln School project.

Imagine getting older and eventually living in the same building that you went to school as a child.  Would that be cool or creepy?