For beer drinkers around Michigan, this is a day that we wait for all year long. It's like a beer Christmas. Okay maybe not to that extreme, but this is how you know summer is right around the corner. My favorite warm weather beer is coming in just a few short weeks. This year, Oberon will be released on March 23rd. There are parties happening all over the Kalamazoo area according to Mlive. Parties for a beer release? Yes please. Bells Brewery is located in Kalamazoo, MI and will be hosting a midnight release. Man, if it was a bit closer, I think I would go.

For me, this day for the past few years has defined the coming of better weather and the outdoors. So, whether there is snow on the ground still, or even below freezing temperatures, it is officially summer for me. I will force warmer temperatures in to my life damnit! As for the beer itself, it's delicious. It is the perfect warm weather beer when it's ice cold. Most places carry this beauty too. You can get it at bars and liquor stores all around Michigan. 6 packs, cases whatever you need for your summer shin dig. So it's officially spring on March 20th, then it's summer on March 23rd!