On Tuesday was the Michigan Primary for the Democratic and Republican Presidential Candidates. On the Republican side Donald Trump adds to his lead but winning pretty easily. Meanwhile Bernie Sanders eked out a win with only a few thousand votes giving him the win in the state.

This primary election is also big cause of the big voter turnout, with it beating the record set in 1972, which was significant as it was another presidential election year and that year was when Michigan voters voted for the lottery in the state.

Slightly more than 34 percent of registered voters cast a ballot, according to the Michigan Secretary of State office (from MILIVE.COM). On Democrat side the results were close with Sanders finished with 593,563 votes, or 49.8 percent of ballots cast, while Clinton won 575,512 votes or 48.2 percent.

On the Republican side it was a little different with Trump taking 482,825 ballots, or 37%, followed by Ted Cruz, with 328,894 (25%); John Kasich, 320,505 (24%), and Marco Rubio, 123,231 (9%).

A total of 1,322,742 voters participated in the Republican primary, while 1,193,169 voted in the Democratic primary.

Hopefully you went out to vote as the Presidential election is coming up November 8th.