An August 2015 Genoa Township board meeting where students and faculty pleaded with the township board to join the township's planning commission in approving a Christian school's move into a local church building prompted outrage after one trustee, Todd Smith, allegedly spent the entire meeting with his eyes and attention in his iPad rather than on his constituents.

Smith was one of four other board members that voted against the school's move into the church, The Livingston Post reports.  While the "no" votes are alleged to be political in nature, Buddy Moorehouse of The Livingston Post said the three other board members that voted against the move were courteous and responsive during the meeting.

The video was recently released as Smith is up for reelection.  Moorehouse wrote "I was so incensed at the behavior of Todd Smith and Linda Rowell during this process, so I’ve made it a mission to inform the voters about them so that they’ll hopefully be voted out of office."

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